Billing: Outsource or In-House?

The decision of whether to keep billing in-house or outsource it is critical for your clinic.
Whichever you choose, with MedSoft, we've integrated billing directly into the EMR system.


Billing comes at a cost regardless of which option you choose. In-house billing brings with it the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining salary, benefits, and software costs for the staff necessary to manage your billing. Outsourcing your billing is generally accepted as less expensive. Since outsourced billing is usually charged as a percentage of collections, however, it is often a variable expense month-to-month. Be sure to ask about a flat-rate plan if this is of interest to you.


To manage billing in-house, you need knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reliable staff. Depending upon clinic size, more than one biller is usually ideal, so that out-of-office time does not impact your clinic revenue flow. It's critical that your staff stay up-to-date on training and trends to ensure that your clinic is maximizing revenue potential. Outsourcing your billing takes this overhead cost off your plate. A billing team will maintain training and staffing at their expense rather than yours.


One benefit of doing your billing in-house is that you know where things stand. If you don't, you can just walk a few steps to someone's desk and ask. CAVU understands the importance of knowing where your revenue is while in process. Our system is 100% transparent, so you see every step that occurs in the billing process. More importantly, you have widgets and reports that show you exactly how things are performing. With a few quick glances, you'll know precisely what is happening and how things are trending.


There are pros and cons to both options in regards to support. An in-house biller is available in your building for questions from both staff and patients. With outsourced billing, a face-to-face option doesn't exist. To ensure optimal customer service (for both clinic and patients), CAVU Billing will always respond to inquiries/requests in 24 hours or less. Additionally, MedSoft has a built-in feature for clinic staff and billers to schedule tasks for each other, and follow up to ensure completion.


One widely recognized benefit of an outsourced billing company is trending data. Because a billing company does billing all day every day, for multiple different clients, they see trends within the industry. A billing company, just through sheer volume, sees more data daily than an in-house biller would, and thus, can make more adaptations. CAVU likes to share this kind of information with you to benefit your clinic, so check out our blog for trends we've been noticing.


Hidden fees can be a concern with outsourced billing. At CAVU, we prefer transparency. Our services include all billing (electronic, paper, primary, secondary, tertiary, private, goverment, cash pay, initial billing, follow-up billing, appeals, denials, etc), patient statements, payment posting, and working with your clinic to insure proper copays are collected. Talk with us about extra fees for outside collection agency set-up, insurance carrier set-up, and COB processes.

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